Texts: Marzia Vidulli Torlo

Format: 17 x 24 cm

96 pages

6 chapters

300 colour photographs

8 axonometric drawings and section views of main monuments

Paperback with editions available in different languages:

Italian ISBN 88-85289-83-5

English ISBN 88-85289-85-1

German ISBN 88-85289-84-3

French ISBN 88-85289-86-X

Spanish ISBN 88-85289-74-1

Polish, Russian, Czech, Hungarian ISBN 88-85289-66-5

Price: Euro 8.00


See inside the book

 Other languages:

b_100_300_16777215_00___images_copertine_Trieste-guida-it-b.jpg b_100_300_16777215_00___images_copertine_Trieste-guida-de-b.jpg b_100_300_16777215_00___images_copertine_Trieste-guida-es-b.jpg b_100_300_16777215_00___images_copertine_Trieste-guida-fr-b.jpg b_100_300_16777215_00___images_copertine_Trieste-varie-lingue-b.jpg


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